Mass Notification Design

CCI is on the forefront of providing quality design engineering services for voluntary and code required mass notification systems. CCI’s mass notification design services are coordinated and integrated with the building fire alarm, security and communications system functions.

CCI provides the same levels of service, similar to fire alarm, which are best suited to compliment your preferred method of project delivery. However, our Mass Notification services go beyond a typical system design, with our knowledge and experience in integrating various systems to work together. They include:

  • fire alarm systems
  • ADA compliant strobe systems
  • voice paging systems
  • smart phones
  • paging systems
  • sign displays
  • phone systems
  • preprogrammed automated responses
  • other ethernet database platform systems

CCI’s Mass Notification Design Services can include prerecorded messages and live voice microphone stations to meet your needs and security. Mass Notification Systems are used to provide a large group of people in defined geographic areas with specific warning message and announcements. Typical warning messages are provided for:

  • fire incidents
  • terrorism threats
  • bomb threats
  • intruder thefts/security breaches
  • severe weather threats
  • earthquake incidents
  • other emergency action responses

In addition to the similar benefits of our fire alarm design, clients using our Mass Notification Design Services can benefit as follows:

  • code required performance based risk analysis
  • voice intelligibility testing
  • emergency response plans

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